Dandruff - Dry Skin

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Alpecin Medicinal Intensive Scalp & Hair Tonic Lotion 200ml

6.60€ 7.74€

Alpecin Medicinal Intensive Scalp & Hair Tonic Lotion 200ml..


Apivita Propoline Oily Dandruff Shampoo Oily Dandruff Shampoo, with White Willow & Propolis, 250ml

8.09€ 12.80€

White Willow & Propolis88% natural ingredientsFighting dandruff / sebum regulation / soothing.BenefitsIt effectively treats dandruff and its causes, while preventing its recurrence. With salicylic acid of natural origin, propolis extractRegulates sebum hypersecretion, soothes irritation and itching, with Greek organic extracts of thyme and lave..

Biorga Cystiphane Ds Shampoo Dandruff Shampoo, 200ml

13.80€ 19.90€

Shampoo for scaly skin diseases of the scalpACTION:It contains a unique antifungal complex with strong action against the spread of Malassezia type yeast that has a natural presence on the scalp but is also the main cause of dandruff.INDICATIONS:Dandruff skin diseases of the scalp with intense itching and irritation. Keratolytic ingredients that im..

Froika Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, 200ml

10.68€ 18.40€

Dry Dandruff, Hair loss specially formulated Shampoo help in eliminating persistent dry scales appearing on scalp while deeply cleanses the pores.Dry Dandruff is characterized as a chronic disturbing condition closely associated with hair loss due to scalp’s malfunction.Calms redness and skin irritation; relieves itching of dry scalp with pers..

Sebamed Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Anti-Dandruff Shampoo For Oily Hair 200ml

10.24€ 13.50€

Gentle cleansing shampoo to remove dandruff. Supports and protects the acidic mantle of the scalp for healthy hair. Stabilizes hair structure with pH value 5 5.Product characteristics:Without soap and alkalis. With active ingredient Piroctone Olamine that ensures the gentle removal of dandruff. With moisturizing ingredients that rejuvenate the hair..

Sebamed Relief Shampoo Urea 5% Extreme Dry Skin 200ml

10.24€ 13.50€

The 5% urea reduces the itching sensation of the scalp and redness to find relief. Urea concentration: 5%for immediate relief of dry hair and scalp symptomsHighly concentrated urea moisturizes and provides fast relief for flaking and tightness of the skinLaureth-9 relieves itching of the scalpGlucoside wash active complex cleanses hair and scalp ge..

Vichy Dercos Salt-Free Shampoo For Dry Skin And Dandruff Control, 200ml

8.84€ 11.89€

Composition without sulfates gives soft and silky hair while respecting the scalp. The Pyroctone Olamine it contains is a recognized anti-dandruff ingredient, but it has a dual effect: it reduces the spread of Malassezia fungus on the hair follicles, and regulates the number of dead skin cells and dry skin. Bisabolol is an active ingredient found i..

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