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Avene Eau Thermale Solaire Creme Teintee Spf50 + Sunscreen Cream, For Dry & Very Dry Skin, 50ml

15.71€ 21.90€

IndicationsVery high protection for dry, sensitive facial skin. Very wide protection from UVB-UVA. Photostable. Gives a uniform color. Comfortable texture.PropertiesExclusive combination of active ingredients, Sunsitive® protection of Pierre Fabre Research: Few filters with stability and long-lasting effectiveness, offers optimal protection from UV..


Bepanthol Sun Face Cream SPF50+ , 50ml

12.63€ 18.75€

Suitable for the sensitive skin.Its MultiProtect composition with very high UV-protection filters and provitamin B5 protects, hydrates and regenerates the skin.Hypoallergenic, antioxidant and high-tolerance composition.Parabens, preservatives, alcohol, and fragrance-free.Very water resistant...

Froika Hyaluronic Silk Touch Suncare Tinted Cream Spf50 + Waterproof Face Cream With Color & Anti-Wrinkle Factors, 40ml

16.72€ 28.80€

Froika Hyaluronic Silktouch Sunscreen Tinded 50+ is a new unique sunscreen based on the innovative 3rd generation elastomer technology, it leaves a velvety feel on the skin and provides primary sunscreen wide range of UVA & IndVanan action, while in the second stage due to and other antioxidant molecules provide versatile protection inside the ..

Froika Hyaluronic Silk Touch Sunscreen Cream SPF 30+, 40ml

15.27€ 26.30€

The Froika Hyaluronic Silktouch Sunscreen 30+, is a new ultimate, velvet-touch sunscreen formulated using novel technology, which provides primary, daily broad spectrum against UVA & UVB sun protection, and on a secondary level antioxidant protection thanks to the beneficial effect of the Indanone component.It has moisturizing pr..

Froika Suncare Anti-Spot Cream SPF 50+, 30ml

16.66€ 28.70€

Froika SunCare Anti Spot Cream SPF 50+provide Highest Photoprotection along with Whitening action. It is suitable for skins with brownish spots, freckles photoaged skin.Also, scars or after laser – peeling treatments need special protection for daily outdoor activities to cover the affected areas.It is Paraben Free and..

Froika Suncare Cream SPF 30 Oil Free, 50ml

10.98€ 18.90€

Suncare AC Cream SPF 30 is a high protective non- oily sun cream for oily, acne prone skin as well as dryness or irritations caused by pharmaceutical therapies.It has seboregulating and keratoregulating action as to regulate sebum and keep pores from becoming clogged by preventing the appearance of blemishes.Enric..

Froika Suncare Spray SPF 30, 125ml

14.81€ 25.50€

Froika SunCare SPF 30 (Cream, Spray, Milk) products provide High Photoprotection for daily use under intense sunlight conditions even from first days of sun exposure.Allow the natural biological tanning process for safely tanned skin, while it protects from premature aging.Recommended to be used during sport activities, througho..

Intermed Luxurious Sun Care Body Cream SPF50, 200ml

10.26€ 19.37€

Luxurious Sun Care Body Cream SPF50 with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and a special combination of UV filters, moisturizes and regenerates the skin while creating a UV protection cloak that protects against sunburn and premature skin aging. Reduces the risk of allergy appearance due to solar radiation.INDICATIONSWaterproof compositionParaben, alcohol..

Vichy Capital Soleil Beach Protect Multi-Protection Milk SPF30, 200ml

15.09€ 25.25€

Vichy Capital Soleil Beach Protect Multi-Protection Milk SPF30SAND - SALT - CHLORINE - WINDWITH HYDRATING HYALURONIC ACIDWATER RESISTANTHydrating texture with fast absorption and no white marks.Water-resistant, sand-resistant, helps to reduce dried out skin caused by the salt and chlorine, water and wind.Face and body.UseApply before exposure to th..

Vichy Capital Soleil Matifiant 3 in 1 SPF50+, 50ml

17.61€ 23.75€

Vichy Capital Soleil Matifiant 3 in 1 SPF50+Daily Oily Care 3 in 1.Protects, Absorbs, Regulates. With Green Clay, Bifidus Extract And Vichy Heat Mineral Water.Hypoallergenic. Sensitive Skin...

Vichy Capital Soleil Wet Skin Gel Kids SPF50+ Childrens Waterproof Sunscreen with Very High Protection, 200ml

17.48€ 25.80€

Moisturizing Composition. It leaves no white marks. Wet Technology. Water repels, protection does not diminish and remains even on wet skin. Very water-resistant composition. Ideal for face and body. Protection thanks to the UVA filter system with Mexoryl XL against even long UVAs. Hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive childhood. With Vichy Therma..

Vichy Ideal Soleil Sun Care For Kids Spf 50+ Face & Body 300ml

18.43€ 24.80€

Children's sunscreen with fluid and soft texture to protect sensitive skin from the sun. The high protection for our little friends in an economical package of 300ml. Ideal for children with light skin.EFFECTIVENESSTo combat the harmful effects of UV on the skin, Vichy Laboratories has incorporated a Maxoryl®-based filter system to protect children..

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